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The Peacock is a 9,500-word novelette. Roughly 50 pages. Short, sweet, and not to the point. 



“Wow! I’m giving a 5* rating to a book I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand the relationships. I didn’t understand the behavior of the characters. I didn’t understand the unfinished ending. Was there an ending!? The only thing I understood was that the story was mesmerizing.” – Silvia 



A newly established artist moves to a small town and meets a married brute living life to excess. 


Each encounter leaves her wanting more.

More of his rugged hands. 

That sensual mouth. 

More of his brash pursuit of her that never seems to end... 


But the average life span of a peacock is forty years at best. And someone once told her those beautiful birds need constant companionship.




Author Note: The Peacock is a 9,500-word novelette. Part of The Physical Collection: a series of sexy standalones written by A.R. Hadley. Literary fiction, not romance. The characters and their intense and realistic actions drive the plot. Contains graphic content that may trigger some readers. 

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