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“This is intelligent smut — Fireflies has gone to top of my league for its gritty realism and haunting originality.” – Polli P



Three’s company, but is four a crowd?


Mike and Dane are a bisexual couple living the good life in a tucked-away Florida beach town. 


But things start to shift when Dane announces he’d like to add a third to their seven-year relationship. A woman. 


What ensues is a journey neither man expected. And after a few rather interesting hookups, two women enter the picture, forever changing the course of their lives.


Will the men get everything they’ve always wanted? Or will their polyamorous relationship prove to be more than they can abide?  



Author Note: Fireflies is a 45,000-word novel. Part of The Physical Collection: a series of sexy standalones by A.R. Hadley. More literary fiction, less romance. The characters and their intense and realistic actions drive the plot. Contains graphic content that may trigger some readers

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