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Bodhi March 30 2021 new cover Ebook Amaz

Fantasy becomes reality the moment she walks through the doors of his club. 



Audrey Simone is a thirty-something divorced mom looking for adventure when she accompanies her new friend, Kate, to a local dungeon. 

What she doesn’t expect to find is Gavin... 

His arms are the size of her thighs. 
His eyes the color of Van Gogh’s sky. 
And his tolerance for BS is minimal. 

Playing becomes an addiction. Her desire to submit an innate need. And it doesn’t take long for Audrey to realize this world has surpassed her wildest imaginations. 

But she lives in two worlds, straddling day and night, reality and kink — one foot has found its way into Gavin’s heart while the other rests on the outside.  


Her Master, though, doesn’t just want her submission… Gavin has decided he needs both feet.


Will they bend to society? Or make their own rules? 



Bodhi is a 63,000-word standalone women’s fiction novel. This is not a romance.

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