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“A.R. Hadley writes with flawless beauty in this forbidden teacher-student love story. Poetic and troubled, the characters will pull you into their tangled and messy web, fraught with angst and a push-pull chemistry that burns up the pages.” – Author Sierra Hill




An affair. Its consequences. The price of freedom. 


Set in Daytona Beach and spanning two semesters of college, is the story of bright, young student, Holly Kerr, her beautiful Professor Kelley Nicolo and the forbidden games they play when they fall in love … despite his marriage and their vast differences. 


Or maybe they’re more alike than they realize. Souls searching day and night, never resting … flyaways lost and looking for a place to land. 


Emotional and with no guarantee of a happy ending, The Flyaways is a quick and satisfying saga, one that will leave readers breathless, feeling as though they’ve broken into a million little pieces, then been glued back together due to the sheer force of this explosive connection. 



Author Note: The Flyaways is a 30,000-word novella. Literary fiction, not romance. The characters and their intense and realistic actions drive the plot. Contains graphic content that may trigger some readers. 

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