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He’s a surfer. A loner. A man on a quest to rid himself of pesky feelings.


After his grandfather passes away, Cal Prescott begins to see life differently. 


Money wants his attention, women beckon, and the pursuit of success becomes a cycle he can’t seem to break. 


Follow Cal from age sixteen to forty-five, from 1985 to 2014, from the tangerine fields of Ojai to the neon streets of Miami Beach — from being ready to take on the world to hitting the bottom of the sea.


Cal spends half his life waiting for the perfect wave to break over the horizon, looking for comfort, searching for peace — and he’ll chase every last drop of water ... until he finds release. 



Author Note: Part of the two-book series: The Ocean Series. The Ocean in His Veins may be read as a companion to the main title Where the Ocean Meets the Sky or as a standalone. Please be advised that reading this story first may change the way Cal is initially perceived in the latter book. This can be good or bad, depending on the reader. 


Literary fiction, not romance. The characters and their intense and realistic actions drive the plot. 76,000-words. The Ocean in His Veins details Cal’s life from age sixteen to forty-five. The story ends the night he meets Annie in 2014. Contains graphic content that may trigger some readers. 

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